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Please Note: that there are other websites that charge to become a member but they do not support the Walpole High School Alumni Association or Walpole High School in any way, as we do.

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Reunion Party Photos

Photos, courtesy of Baker Studios, are available at – http://www.bakerstudios.com/Pictures/101106whsreunion/. Below are just a few of the over 100 candid shots of the event.

Alert – Don’t Be Fooled!

As most of us know, the official website for the Walpole High School Alumni Association, Inc. is www.walpolehighalumni.com.  However there is a website that may look like our official website but without the word “high” in its address.  This other website charges $10.00 to join and it is a “for profit,” national company.  None of the money raised goes to anything connected with Walpole High School.  Please be certain that you are logging into our official website and not the other “for profit” site.